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Darren Moore performing at CHOPPA, Singapore 2015
Darren Moore modular synthesiser with Black Zenith at Kill The Silence Festival Hong Kong 2015
Darren Moore with Game of Patience at Live Fact, Kuala Lumpur 201
Darren Moore performing live with cellF, Perth Australia 2015
Darren Moore at Sweet Rain jazz club, Nakano, Tokyo 2016


Life is Improvisation


Darren Moore is a drummer, electronic musician and researcher working in the fields of jazz, improvisation, experimental music and multimedia throughout South East Asia, Australia, Japan and Europe. He believes life itself is an improvisation, weaving this spirit into everything he does. Darren lives in Singapore with his family where bases his musical activities and works as a Lecturer in Music at Lasalle College of the Arts.


Darren Moore is a drummer and electronic musician who is always moving forward. Driven by his passion for artistic expression, Darren is continually challenging himself to explore new territory. Creative improvisation is central to his practice maintaining a through-line in his approach to varying projects and activities. 

He tours regularly in South-East Asia and Japan as well as with leading improvisers. His current projects include free-improv group Game of Patience, audio-visual duo Black Zenith, improvised duo with Yong Yandsen, trio with Hirose Junji and Toshimaru Nakamura, free jazz duo FFF!!! with Japanese pianist Suga Dairo, GhostBastards with Tokyo-based guitarist Cal Lyall, as well as being the musical director for the bio-art project cellF.


Born in Scotland and raised in Australia, Darren's musical journey began when he started playing the drums at 14 years old in his home town of Perth. His early musical experiences where playing jazz, rock and funk in the underground local music scene with local band Air Ensemble before entering the Western Australian Conservatorium where he completed a Certificate in Classical Percussion in 1993 and a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Drumming in 1997.

After graduating from university, Darren moved to London, which proved to very formative to his development as a musician through having exposure to the broad range of musical experiences. Darren returned to Australia in 2002 where he lived in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney building his Australia network and delving deep into improvised music.

In 2006, Darren moved to Singapore to become a Lecturer in Music at Lasalle College of the Arts where he taught drum set, popular music studies and creative improvisation. Darren is a passionate teacher who believes strongly in nurturing the next generation of musicians. His commitment to continually learning saw Darren complete a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the Queensland Conservatorium in 2013 which looked at the adaptation of Carnatic Indian rhythms to the drum set.

The move to Singapore saw him expand his activities and network to become active on the jazz and experimental music scenes in South East Asia and Japan. In Singapore, Darren was a driving force in the jazz and experimental music scenes performing regularly and organising events with under the banner of the C.H.O.P.P.A. Experimental Music Series. Darren was the artistic director for the 2008, 2010 and 2015 C.H.O.P.P.A. Experimental Music Festivals. In 2014 he was also the artistic director for the Singapore edition of the Australian sound art festival Liquid Architecture. 

Darren moved to Tokyo in mid-2015 where he was active playing with many of the Tokyo scene's more adventurous improvisers. He quickly established himself as an exciting new voice on the Tokyo music scene. Darren returned to Singapore mid-2018 with his family to resume working at Lasalle College of the Arts as a Lecturer in Music. He spends his time performing, recording, teaching and co-running experimental record label LaoBan Records.

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